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Macey Colvin speaks during Lions luncheon

by Minden Press-Herald

Macey Colvin, reigning Miss Minden, spoke at the Lions Club luncheon Thursday.

Colvin spoke on her current platform by spreading awareness of teen suicide.

Teen suicide is the second leading cause of death in the United States and that one in every 25 suicide attempts results in a deat, she said.

The steps she recommends in preventing teen suicide are acknowledge, care and treat.

“The first step is to acknowledge that someone may need help.” she said, noting that even though not everyone suffering from depression attempts suicide, most everyone that attempts suicide was dealing with depression.

“Then it’s important to care. Don’t be afraid to be there for someone,” she said.
Lastly, she talked about treatment.

“Let them know that there is help and encourage them to seek treatment in dealing with their thoughts.”

Colvin suggests it’s important to remember that even the smallest gestures can brighten someone’s day. “I wave at everyone. You never know whose life you’re going to affect.”
The Minden Lions Club meets every Thursday at noon in the American Legion Hall.

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