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Mayor formally requests investigation into Councilmen’s absences

File Photo | Minden City Hall

Mayor Terry Gardner has formally asked District Attorney Schuyler Marvin to bring up charges of malfeasance in office against Councilmen Terika Williams-Walker of Dist. B and Vincen Bradford of Dist. C. 

This comes after a string of absences the two councilmen have had over the past meetings spanning back to the beginning of April. 

The letter reads, “I am sure you are aware of the fact that Terika Williams-Walker and Vincen Bradford have intentionally and repeatedly refused and failed to perform the duties of their office by either walking out of a meeting or by completely failing to attend several meetings. 

I am formally requesting you to investigate this situation and take appropriate action so that the City of Minden can function properly. There are multiple items which must be addressed in order to avoid irreparable damage and harm to the city.” 

In the letter, Gardner also states that himself and his staff will personally provide evidence and are willing to appear personally to give testimony. He also noted to Marvin that time was of the essence.

“There are many issues which must be addressed without delay, so I am asking if you will please act swiftly and keep me informed,” the letter read.