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McLovin’ it: Minden two-sport star Trenton McLaughlin talks with MPH about his first homer and his love of baseball

Photo by JJ Marshall

Minden third-baseman Trenton McLaughlin hit his first home run last week against Summerfield, and it played out in real life exactly as he thought it would.

“I didn’t take too much time rounding the bases,” McLaughlin said. “I didn’t want to brag or nothin’.”

He emphasized not wanting to be that guy.

“When people hit their first one, they brag about it forever,” he said.

It’s good to see McLaughlin as just one of the guys. On the baseball field, he’s able to ease into a role that works best for the team.

He likes baseball more than football, but many of us know him from the football field.

McLaughlin is the starting quarterback for the Tide football team, and has been in the spotlight since he claimed the position for himself heading into the 2018-2019 season.

“I was going to play receiver at first,” he said. “Then we needed a backup quarterback and they put me in as the starter.”

As a sophomore starting at quarterback for the biggest team in a small town, the pressure was immense. But, McLaughlin’s talent continued to shine through despite the constant pressure.

“I relish the pressure,” he said.

During baseball season, he’s been able to find his role somewhat out of the spotlight.

“We have great players and great athletes and we stick together,” he said. “But, wherever coach puts me, I’ll do my best.”

At 21-8, Minden is unquestionably a successful team already. They have a group of players that have shown maturity all season as they’ve been tested by tough teams.

McLaughlin doesn’t have to be the face of the team like during football season, but that doesn’t diminish his role at all. If anything, learning your role enhances your talent as a young ball player.

With his trademark mullet (passed down from his brother, former Minden High second-baseman Brian McLaughlin) and his laid back attitude, McLaughlin will help lead the Crimson Tide into the first round of the 4-A state playoffs today at 5:30 p.m. at Griffith Stadium against #26 Leesville.

Just don’t expect him to have a big head after his first home run.