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Minden churches unite for Good Friday Unity Walk

by Amber McDown

Men of Courage, in collaboration with several congregations, orchestrated a series of Unity Walks on Good Friday, March 29, aiming to unify members of different churches in their love for Jesus Christ. The theme of the walk, “One Cross One People Walking in Unity,” symbolized the participants’ shared faith.

The event began with participants gathering for food, fellowship, and prayer, before embarking on a procession through various parts of town, carrying a cross. This act symbolized Jesus Christ carrying His cross to His crucifixion and eventual resurrection. Along the way, the group paused at several businesses to offer prayers and share scripture.

The first stop was at the ash tree across from the Civic Center in downtown Minden. Chris Plants, a member of Men of Courage, expressed their intent for the day, stating, “We’re going to do a lot of praying today, we’re going to do a lot of praising God, we’re going to stop in businesses to pray. We might even stop somebody on the road and pray.” Participants were offered small wooden crosses and Bibles as tangible reminders of their faith.

Later that morning, the group convened at the corner of East Union and Talton Street. Then they met at Geaux Fresh where they enjoyed lunch. The walk continued to three more churches in the afternoon: Greater St. Paul, Minden Presbyterian, and North Acres Baptist Church.

Chris Plants emphasized the group’s mission, saying, “We’re trying to do something different for God and Jesus out in this community.” The chosen scripture for the walk, John 17:23, reflected their desire for unity among believers.

The Unity Walks occurred toward the conclusion of Holy Week, leading up to Easter Sunday, which falls on March 31 this year.

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