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Minden citizens in California earthquake

by Will Phillips

A couple of Minden citizens happened to be in the earthquake that hit southern California on Thursday July 4. They weren’t near where most of the damage occurred, but they were still close enough to feel the effects of the earthquake. 

Jeff Lee, one of the Minden locals in the earthquake, shared his experience. It was roughly 10:30 a.m. when they were in a Denny’s, eating breakfast, when suddenly the ground started to move. “It was like being in a boat. The hanging lights above the table started to sway. I looked over at Chris Wilson and said, I think we’re in an earthquake.” Lee also stated that the earthquake only “lasted for about 20 seconds.”

Being from Louisiana, locals can be used to tornadoes and hurricanes, but most that have been here their whole lives probably don’t know what to expect or do in the event of an earthquake. Minden High School Principal Becky Wilson was also present during the earthquake. While filling out a survey that people who have been in earthquakes are asked to take, she noticed that herself and probably a lot of other from our area wouldn’t know what to do in the event of an earthquake. “The survey asked things like did you run to a door frame, did you get under a table, did you run outside,” Becky Wilson said. “It made me realize that we don’t have any real idea what to do in situations like this.”

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