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Minden Medical Center adds new addition to their health care equipment

“At Minden Medical Center we strive to bring you, our patients, state of the art equipment to help provide the best healthcare here, close to home. We are proud to announce the newest addition of health care equipment to the hospital, the Stryker 1588 AIM,” read a press release from Minden Medical Center,

“With the advanced camera platform of the 1588 AIM, it will allow for clear imaging to ease the ability of identification in anatomy and increase efficiencies in the procedure for your surgeons. Not only will this new equipment benefit our specialists in the operating room, but it will also benefit you as our patient.”

With this advanced technology, it will allow many surgeries to be less invasive and lead to shorter recovery times. The 1588 AIM has already assisted in procedures at Minden Medical Center with great results.  

“My husband recently underwent a colon resection at MMC. The surgeon using the new Stryker System was able to do this procedure Laparoscopic,” said Donna Carter, “Instead of a hospital stay of 7-10 days, it was reduced to only five days.  The recovery period for this kind of operation should be around six weeks and his was only two weeks.  He was able to move around easier, had less pain and smaller incision site.  He was already a high-risk patient to begin with, and this new system decreased his chances of post-op complications dramatically. I cannot thank MMC and the surgeon enough.”

Minden Medical surgeons, Dr. Malireddy, Dr. Soleto, Dr. Russell, and Dr. Wilson have commented on the vast improvements in the surgical equipment, most importantly that the 1588 AIM provides a better view of the surgical area and that the new updated equipment will allow them to operate more efficiently, safely, and timely. 

After using the new 1588 AIM, Dr. Malireddy stated he was able to feel confident in performing the procedure and safely completing the case. He praised the improvements of the new system that helped clearly identify critical anatomy and having clear visibility of the surgical field. 

Additionally, Dr. Russell commented on one of his cases after using the new 1588 AIM. He felt that the ability to utilize the special lighted stents prevented any damage to critical anatomy and surrounding tissues and allowed him to safely complete the procedure with minimal risk to the patient. 

The new Stryker system will continue to aid many of Minden Medical’s specialists including Dr. Russell with OBGYN, Dr. Mark Wilson with orthopedics, and Dr. Soleto and Dr. Malireddy with general surgery. “We are very excited to provide this advancement in technology to our patients and our community. As always, we will continue to work hard to bring you quality healthcare close to home,” read the press release.