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Neighborhood Assist grant program built bigger in 2022

by Minden Press-Herald

100 grant winners to mark the State Farm’s 100th anniversary

State Farm is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2022 by building the State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant program bigger. That means more submissions, more grants and spreading good to more communities. 

This year, the program will award 100 $25,000 grants (vs. 40 grants in previous years) to nonprofit organizations to help fund neighborhood improvement projects. Additionally, the number of cause submissions is doubled to 4,000. 

“State Farm Neighborhood Assist truly embodies the spirit of what our company has been about for 100 years-being a good neighbor,” said Rasheed Merritt, assistant vice president at State Farm. “We are excited about expanding the program in 2022 to help even more neighborhoods.” 

In 2021, five Texas organizations each won a $25,000 Neighborhood Assist grant – Addi’s Faith Foundation, Building Their Village (Big Brothers Big Sisters), Harvest House, Ride2Health, and The Warren Center Autism Assessment Services.

Here’s how the program works:

Submission Phase: Starts February 16 and ends when 4,000 submissions are reached.

Individuals can submit a cause at www.neighborhoodassist.com starting February 16 at 1pm ET. Submitters can prepare now by going to the website and downloading the submission guide. State Farm will accept the first 4,000 submissions, and an internal Review Committee will then narrow the field to the Top 200 finalists using a scoring rubric.

Voting Phase: April 27-May 6

Ultimately, voters will decide which community improvement projects win big. The public will have a chance to vote 10 times a day, every day for 10 days, from April 27-May 6, for their favorite causes from the list of finalists. Voting will take place at www.neighborhoodassist.com.

Winners Announced: June 7

The 100 causes that receive the most votes will each win a $25,000 grant. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, June 7, at www.neighborhoodassist.com.

Last year, 125,000 people cast more than 3 million votes in support of their favorite causes, selecting winners from small towns and big cities.

Since the program began in 2012, more than 380 causes have received a total of $10 million to enact change in their communities.

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