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North Webster Jr High School secretary named WPSB’s Employee of the Month

by Amber McDown

At the April 1 meeting of the Webster Parish School Board, April Ingle was named Employee of the Month. Mrs. Ingle, a secretary at North Webster Jr High School, was recognized for her outstanding contributions to the school community. While Mrs. Ingle was unable to attend the meeting, Kevin Thompson of Taylor and Sons presented her letter of recommendation to the board.

In a letter of recommendation, Mrs. Ingle was praised for her exceptional dedication and work ethic. According to the letter, “Mrs. Ingle is the glue that holds the school together and allows it to function on a daily basis. She is a problem solver and takes care of things very well on her own on a daily basis. She is an exceptional multi-tasker which allows her to answer the phone, work on the computer, take up money, give student medications, and greet people all at one time and never miss a beat.”

The letter also highlighted Mrs. Ingle’s compassionate nature, stating that “She is always willing to listen to students when they are having a bad day and offer them love and encouragement. If there is a staff member who needs help with a problem, she is the first one to jump in and offer them help.”

Mrs. Ingle’s warm and welcoming demeanor was also noted, with the letter stating that “She greets visitors to the campus with a smile and makes them feel welcome. On a daily basis she goes above and beyond her job description to keep the office and school running as smoothly as possible. Mrs. Ingle is truly the one who brings the sunshine to the school on a daily basis to make the school feel warm, happy, and inviting. She is an asset to our staff and the absolutely BEST secretary we could ask for.”

The Webster Parish School Board will meet next on May 2 at 6 PM, where May’s Employee of the Month will be announced.

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