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Online news will cost a little

“There is no such thing as a free lunch.” — Milton Friedman

Back in August, I announced we would be increasing the price of the Minden Press-Herald on the newsstand from 50¢ to 75¢. Surprisingly, there was little push back, and quite a bit of understanding. For that I am eternally grateful.

“This was not a light decision in any way. We understand the financial constraints of many people these days,” I wrote in August.

“In addition, we will be charging a nominal fee for news stories on our website. This decision was also made after much consideration.”

That becomes a reality on Nov. 1. As of that date, no longer will the entirety of news stories be “free.” Readers can view excerpts of the day’s news without charge, but in-depth reading will require either a subscription or a pay-per-view charge.

The pricing schedule will be quite reasonable and print subscribers will have full access to the website at no additional charge. In addition, the entire printed edition of the newspaper will be available as an e-edition, perfect for viewing on tablets.

Each day, around 11:30 a.m., the stories of the day will go “live” on the site. Just prior to noon, an email will go out informing readers of the headlines of the day. We want to be as timely as possible for you. After all, you are paying to receive it.

More upgrades are coming between now and Jan. 1, 2019, both in print and online. We know our relationship with you hinges on doing an excellent job and informing you of things that are not easily found elsewhere.

I know there will be some of you that don’t like, and cannot appreciate the need for restrictions. Trust me when I say that I understand your point of view.

That is why we have decided to keep our subscription rates the same. Effectively, you can get the newspaper for 50 cents a day by subscribing. The best part is, the newspaper will be delivered to your home.

We value everyone that has done business with us in the past and has stuck with us through thick and thin. It is our aim to chronicle the history of this community for many generations to come. Thank you again for your understanding.

David A. Specht Jr. is Editor and publisher of the Minden Press-Herald.