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Contributed by Columnist Fannie Moore

Being in home confinement for a long time can be a mixed bag. It starts out as a pleasant respite from a hectic and chaotic world, but eventually changes to feel like imprisonment. That is the point I have reached.

Staying home, cooking good meals, tending to household chores, and trying to enjoy a new normal soon becomes monotonous.

There is only so much TV one can tolerate, so many crossword puzzles one can work, so much reading one can do before falling asleep and only so much conversation one can carry on with someone who is with you 24/7.

Now, I’m not complaining about any of those things, but there is just so much one can tolerate without going stir crazy.    

Finally to avoid falling over the edge, we decided to grab our masks and get on the road for a short trip. Our destination was the Natchitoches Meat Pie Co. in Coushatta. We planned to scoot on over the Red River bridge to the produce stand that always has so much good looking produce. Also, we were going to run an errand for our son.

So, soon after breakfast, we were on our way.

We traveled down highway 159 to Minden where we joined 371 south. The small towns were of interest, although it being Monday morning, there didn’t seem to be too much going on. Since it had been a while since we had traveled this road, we noted lots of changes, Houses vacated, new houses added, beautiful farm pastures, hayfields with newly-rolled hay, pleasant looking farm ponds, herds of cattle and a few oil-related trucks and businesses.

We made it to our destination and donned our masks before heading inside,  A friendly worker greeted us and explained what was available.

She said, “You look so familiar.” Now, how can anyone look familiar when half their face is covered? We went ahead, made our purchase and she said the same thing again. She finally asked, “Where do you go to church?”

I thought she probably was thinking about a local church, but I said, “I go to church in Springhill.”

I could just see her grinning underneath that mask (not really) as she shook her head, laughed and said, “Springhill?” By then, I was very curious, so I asked her if she was from Springhill.

It turned out she was someone we went to church with years ago who had actually played the piano for church services. So, we had a pleasant conversation and I left there feeling as if I was still a member of the human race, I had actually had a conversation with someone who wasn’t a family member. And not by phone, but in person.

We left the store, invigorated, headed across the river. It was running nicely, and true to its name, was quite Red.

We were disappointed to find the produce stand was closed because I was wanting one more locally grown watermelon before the season ended.

We left town and headed out to run the errand for our son before re-tracing our route to Minden.

In Minden, we found a small deli which was serving in house. Our first time to eat out (which wasn’t takeout) since the “lockdown” began. Enjoyed some delicious gumbo, and even purchased some to bring home.

It seems a wonder, but after our simple outing, I began to feel as if we were once again a part of the world.


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