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Police arrest man for deaths of woman, 2 children

by Associated Press


Associated Press

TERRYTOWN, La. (AP) — A man is in custody for the bludgeoning deaths Wednesday of a woman and two children outside of New Orleans. A teenager and another child were also critically injured in the attack.

Deputies found the victims inside a home in Terrytown just after 7 a.m., Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jason Rivarde said. The injured were taken to a hospital.

At a news conference later Wednesday, Sheriff Joe Lopinto said the suspect confessed to the crimes and would likely face at least several counts of first-degree murder. Lopinto would not release any details about the suspect’s relationship to the victims. He also refused to release the suspect’s name or those of the victims but did say the deceased children ranged in age from 8 to 14.

Autopsies will be conducted Thursday to determine an official cause of death, he said, but added it appeared to be blunt force trauma.

Lopinto said more information would be released Thursday.

“The suspect’s confession just happened. I haven’t reviewed any type of statement he’s given. We’ve also just finished processing the scene,” he said.

A man who said he was the father of one of the victims stood outside the house late Wednesday morning wrapped in a gray blanket to ward off the cold.

Emmett Rhodes said the victims also included his daughter’s three children, ranging in age from about 8 to 14.

“I’m hurting right now,” Rhodes said, adding that he had no idea why anyone would want to harm his daughter and her children.

“We’re well-known around here, well-liked. The kids are well-liked.”

Police photographed and later towed a car parked across from the crime scene, but would not say why.

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