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Reynolds: Enough blame to go around

by David Specht

State Representative Gene Reynolds, D-Minden, is not optimistic that a resolution to the state’s fiscal crisis can be reached during this special session of the legislature.

“After months of talks, meetings, four-hour drives every week and much frustration, unless we have a miracle today, this session will end with practically nothing,” Reynolds said Thursday morning.

“Now the finger pointing will begin. ‘It was the Governor, the speaker, the Dems, the Republicans, the Black Caucus, or Ways and Means.’”

However, Reynolds said there is enough blame to go around.

“It was us, we, all of us,” he said.

Reynolds said the compromise bill under consideration by the House Wednesday night was doomed for failure. “[There were] so many problems that ended last night with the defeated bill,” Reynolds said. “By the time amendments, tying it to other bills to pass, and special interest groups’ exemptions on the cleaning part of the bill it had no chance.”

According to reports, the session may end today without a resolution. “I hope we can get it together today but we may have to wait till June,” Reynolds said.
The House reconvenes today at 3 p.m.

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