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Science Week at Webster Parish Libraries engages young minds

by Amber McDown

The first week of Discovery Camp at Webster Parish Libraries, titled Science Week, captivated young campers with a series of hands-on experiments and educational activities from June 10 to June 14.

At the Doyline Branch, campers concocted bouncy balls while delving into the wonders of chemistry and physics. Using simple ingredients, the children mixed, shaped, and tested their custom-made bouncy balls, gaining a deeper appreciation for the science behind the process.

“Every camper walked away with their own bouncy ball and a newfound interest in science,” organizers noted, emphasizing the event’s success.

In Springhill, curiosity took center stage as Discovery Campers conducted a Petri Dish Bacteria experiment. The young scientists collected samples from various surfaces, including desks and books, to observe the growth of microorganisms. The anticipation builds as campers wait to see the transformation of their petri dishes into mini microbial worlds.

“Thanks to all the budding scientists who made this experiment so exciting,” said camp leaders, highlighting the educational impact of the activity.

Minden Branch featured a geode-breaking activity led by Aubrie. Equipped with goggles and oven mitts, campers used hammers to reveal the stunning crystals hidden within ordinary-looking rocks. The geological adventure provided an exciting learning experience about the formation and beauty of geodes.

“Seeing the joy on the campers’ faces as they cracked open their geodes was priceless,” Aubrie remarked.

The Sibley Branch hosted an explosive lava lamp experiment, mesmerizing participants with colorful bubbles. The activity was paired with a special storytime session, blending science and imagination. The day concluded with children creating their own lava lamps, combining creativity with scientific principles.

“Your curiosity and creativity made the day truly magical,” said organizers, thanking the young scientists.

Another highlight of Science Week was the Bat Cave Exploration with Kaitlyn at the Minden Branch. Campers explored the shadowy depths of a simulated cave, learning about bats and their echolocation abilities. They also crafted crystal bracelets as mementos of their underground adventure.

Science Week at Webster Parish Libraries’ Discovery Camp successfully engaged young minds, fostering a love for science through interactive and fun-filled activities. The event’s blend of curiosity, creativity, and education made it an unforgettable experience for all involved.

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