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Scottish Tartan Festival returning to downtown Minden in 2024

by Amber McDown

The Scottish Tartan Festival, a cherished cultural event, is set to make a return to downtown Minden on April 20, 2024. After its inaugural success at Miller Quarters last year, organizers deliberated over its location for the upcoming year due to planned site upgrades. However, the festival is confirmed to be held at Miller Quarters next spring as site development will not begin until the latter part of 2024.

The Scottish Tartan Festival holds deep-rooted ties with the community. Presented annually by the Scottish Society of the Louisiana Highlands since its establishment in 1996, the festival serves as an educational platform to promote and share the rich tapestry of Scottish culture. Attendees can immerse themselves in various Scottish traditions through live shows, exhibitions, workshops, and an array of vendors.

The festival is renowned for its diverse lineup, featuring music, dancing, storytelling, a haggis eating contest, combat demonstrations, blacksmithing demonstrations, a dog show, and the crowd-favorite “Bonniest Knees” contest. Last year witnessed the exciting addition of the Highland Games, broadening the festival’s appeal.

With its family-friendly offerings, the Scottish Tartan Festival on April 20, 2024, promises a day of enjoyment and cultural exploration for all. Save the date for this vibrant celebration of Scottish heritage in the heart of Minden.

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