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Seeds Women’s Center launches “Seeds Spotlight” to highlight families

by Amber McDown

Seeds Women’s Center has initiated a new program, “Seeds Spotlight,” aimed at increasing community awareness about their organization and the families they support. The initiative, hosted on Facebook, will feature a different family each month, showcasing the ways in which Seeds has made a positive impact on their lives.

Through “Seeds Spotlight,” the center intends to share personal stories illustrating how their services have helped families, improved parenting skills, and brought about positive changes. This platform will not only highlight the valuable work of Seeds Women’s Center but also provide a platform for families to share their experiences and inspire others in the community.

Seeds Women’s Center encourages community members to follow their Facebook page for updates and to learn more about the families benefiting from their services.

For more information, visit Seeds Women’s Center on Facebook or call (318) 639-0907.

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