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Springhill Cemetery arch restored  

by Minden Press-Herald

The City of Springhill expresses profound gratitude to Ronnie Dees and 3-D Contracting for their  extraordinary generosity in fully funding the restoration of the Springhill Cemetery arch. This historic  landmark, damaged more than a decade ago, now stands proudly rejuvenated, thanks to Mr. Dees’  commitment to preserving our community’s heritage. 

The Springhill Cemetery arch holds immense cultural significance, and its restoration not only honors the  memories of those who rest within its grounds, but also enriches the shared history of our community.  We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Ronnie Dees and 3-D Contracting for their unwavering  dedication to preserving our past and ensuring a vibrant legacy for generations to come. 

When talking with Mr. Dees about the project he stated, “I appreciate Mayor Huddleston for bringing  this community need to our attention and I appreciate our crew at 3-D for making the necessary repairs.” 

“The successful restoration of the arch is a testament to the power of community collaboration and the  impact that one individual can have on the collective well-being.”, says Mayor Huddleston. The City of  Springhill expresses our gratitude and commemorates the enduring spirit that binds us together.

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