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Springhill Fire Department pulling tax proposition

by Minden Press-Herald

The Springhill Fire Department is withdrawing a ballot proposition that would have asked citizens in Fire Protection District 11 for a tax to help pay for operations of its department.

Webster Parish Police Juror Bruce Blanton, District 1, told jurors in a committee meeting Tuesday that due to the strong opposition of another tax, the fire department decided to withdraw.

“A meeting or two back, we approved an election for the fire department in Springhill calling for a fee on each property,” he said. “I spoke with the chief last week, and due to the feedback he’s getting he’s going to withdraw it.”

The police jury in July approved a ballot proposition for the Springhill Fire Department to go on the Dec. 10 ballot.

WPPJ Road Tax Renewal

On the Dec. 10 ballot will be a proposition from the police jury asking voters to renew two of the funding sources for the parish road system. The parish road system is funded from four sources: parish transportation funds, the sales tax fund, the Road District A Fund and the Road District B Fund.

The parish will be asking voters to renew the Road District A and B Funds, which helps fund the necessary materials for road repairs throughout the year.
Road District A covers the southern end of Webster Parish, while Road District B covers the northern end of the parish.

Police jury officials say there will be no changes or increases to the current taxes. It will be another 10-year renewal.

The road district funds generate around $370,00 for Road District A and $400,000 for Road District B each year.

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