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Springhill man arrested for hitting 11-year-old girl

by Minden Press-Herald



A Springhill man was arrested last week after reports he slapped an 11-year-old girl.

Letydrick “Ty-Ty” Sanders, 33, of the 17 block of Camelot Drive, was arrested for simple battery on an 11-year-old juvenile. Bond was set at $266.

Springhill Police Chief Will Lynd says the juvenile is Sander’s daughter, and they were all playing cards. His daughter was asleep and he went in and started slapping her with a towel, he says.

“He woke her up, she punched him and it sounded like they were playing to begin with,” he said. “He threw her on the bed, slapped her and bit her. The mother says she didn’t think much of it, but the daughter kept crying, so she called the police and reported it.”

According to reports, Sanders also bent her arm, and when he bit her, he did so on the neck and hip.

Sgt. Leon Thirdgill and Officer Frank Evans were the arresting officers.

Lynd says the simple battery charge is a misdemeanor and will go to Ward II court.

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