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Springtime Magic at Webster Parish Libraries Springhill Branch

by Minden Press-Herald

Story Time and Craft Session Delights Young Readers

The Webster Parish Libraries Springhill Branch was abuzz with excitement as children gathered for a special Story Time and Craft session, ushering in the magic of spring with laughter, creativity, and adventure.

Led by the beloved librarian Cassidy Duck, young readers were treated to a captivating tale from “We’re Going on An Egg Hunt” by Martha Mumford. With each page turn, imaginations soared as the children embarked on a thrilling egg hunt adventure filled with anticipation and wonder.

After the story concluded, it was time for hands-on creativity as little artists dyed eggs in the most beautiful hues, transforming ordinary eggs into vibrant works of art. Laughter filled the air as children dipped and swirled, crafting their own unique masterpieces, each one a testament to their boundless imagination.

But the fun didn’t end there! Armed with tote bags, the eager egg hunters set off on a quest around the Springhill Library Branch, searching high and low for hidden treasures. The joy of discovery sparkled in their eyes as they found each precious egg, creating memories that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

The event drew families from across the community, all eager to partake in this enchanting morning of storytelling, crafting, and exploring. As the day came to a close, smiles abounded, and hearts were full with the warmth of shared experiences and new adventures.

Webster Parish Libraries extends their gratitude to all the families who joined them for this delightful occasion and invites everyone to stay tuned for more exciting adventures and enriching experiences at their Springhill Branch.

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