Police say a couple used a state law to steal cars and sell them to a wrecker service for cash.

Shondreka McGlothern, 23, and Randavious Mosley, 22, of the 200 block of Carolina Street, were arrested Monday on charges of theft of a motor vehicle and attempted theft of a motor vehicle.

Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper says over the weekend they received a report that a vehicle parked underneath a shed was stolen. The car needed repairs and did not have the proper paperwork to be on the road.

He says state law allows a person with identification to take a vehicle 10-years-old or older and sell it for cash.

“According to state law, if you’ve got a car that’s over 10-years-old and you’ve got an ID, you can sell that car without a title,” he said. “And that’s kind of what happened. A wrecker company got a call, she indicated she had a car for sale, and she goes over there and the wrecker driver writes down her ID number. He gives her $60 and he hauls off the car. Come to find out, it was the victim’s car.”

Police later got a tip from the victim that the vehicle was picked up by a wrecker service. They were able to retrieve the vehicle, and during the course of the investigation, McGlothern’s name came up, he said.

Later that night, police were dispatched to High Street in reference to two people attempting to sell a car that did not belong to

them, according to the police report. When officers arrived and made contact with the suspects, they learned the two attempted to sell another vehicle.

“They were going around trying to find inoperable vehicles and calling wrecker companies to see if they were interested in buying them,” he said.

Cropper says Mosley was with McGlothern during each incident.

Mosley and McGlothern were placed under arrest. The chief said they both admitted to selling one vehicle and attempting to sell the other car.

They were transported to police headquarters, booked and transferred to Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center.