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The time to vote is finally here

Tomorrow is the big day. Voters will go to the polls and select representatives and leaders for the next four years.

In Minden, the mayor’s race has been the culmination of several months, and in some cases, years, of campaigning.

As I reflect on the campaigns of both Terry Gardner and Winky Newer, I am impressed with the positive campaigning that has taken place. Both of these men have run clean campaigns and have given the people of Minden a good choice to make. Sadly, this hasn’t always been the case in MInden politics.

I have spoken with both of these men on multiple occasions and have been encouraged and pleased by the way they have conducted themselves throughout this process.

I am also extremely proud of my community and its efforts to provide plenty of information to help voters their decisions. From the various political forums to the candidate answers that appeared in the newspaper, voters are armed with plenty of facts to take into consideration when choosing their next representatives in government.

Tomorrow, we all have a choice to make. Communities throughout Webster Parish are at a crossroads. Many have said this is the most important election of a generation and they may be right.

I am encouraged by high turnout numbers during early voting. Hopefully there is also a high turnout tomorrow. It would be amazing if a majority of registered voters cast ballots to choose the various offices that are up for election. Then, the winner truly would have a mandate to implement their platforms.

Thank you to those who have already voted. I encourage those who can, to vote tomorrow.

David Specht is editor and publisher of the Minden Press-Herald.