Third evaluation ordered for accused killer

A third doctor has been appointed to evaluate a man charged with the second-degree murder of his father.

In district court Friday, 26th Judicial District Judge Parker Self ordered a third evaluation to be done on Jonconnor Joiner by Dr. Michael Labrano, a forensic psychologist, to determine whether he is competent to stand trial and submit a report for a sanity hearing set for June 26. Prosecutor Lane Pittard said two evaluations, one by the prosecution and one by the defense, had already been done. One report submitted deemed Joiner competent to stand trial and was competent during the crime and the other deemed him not competent to stand trial and not competent during the incident.

“The judge could have chosen one report over the other,” Pittard, who called for the sanity commission, said.

Joiner was arrested after he reportedly confessed to the May 2016 beating his father Billy Joiner to death with a baseball bat. At the time of Jonconnor Joiner’s arrest, Sheriff Gary Sexton said the two had an ongoing dispute.

A Sibley Police Officer discovered Billy Joiner’s remains at his home when they received a call about a loose donkey. The officer went to the residence to notify him of the donkey, but the front door was partially open, and the officer could see a portion of his body on the floor.

Jonconnor Joiner was already behind bars in Bossier City on unrelated charges from Caddo Parish when he was arrested by Webster authorities hours later.

A trial date has not yet been set.



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