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Two brothers arrested in Minden Walmart incident

by Minden Press-Herald

Matthew Welbourne, 41, and Nathaniel Welbourne, 46, both of the 5000 block of Dixie Garden Drive in Shreveport, were arrested on the morning of February 22 following an incident at the Minden Walmart that alarmed bystanders.

Minden police responded to a call regarding the Welbournes’ paranoid behavior, with the two men reportedly claiming that people were after them. The officers were informed that the individuals had armed themselves with a hatchet near the pharmacy.

Upon approaching the subjects, officers noted erratic behavior and statements from both men regarding their belief that they were being pursued. The individuals were escorted out of the store to their vehicle for further questioning.

During the questioning, the Welbournes denied ingesting illegal drugs, taking medication, or consuming alcohol. In an effort to further investigate, Lt. Hammontree and K9 Tigo were called to the scene.

K9 Tigo conducted an open-air sniff of the vehicle, alerting officers to a positive odor. Subsequent searches of the vehicle revealed several firearms, medication bottles with various pills, and a bag containing a crystal-like substance that tested positive for methamphetamine.

“Inside the passenger door pocket, officers located a black plastic bag. Inside the bag were three (3) medication bottles (2 black 1 green). Inside the two black bottles were different types of pills, four (4) were for blood pressure, and one (1) was identified as Buprenorphine and Naloxone (oral/sublingual). On the black bottles, they had the name of Nathaniel Welbourne on the printed sticker on the side of it. Inside the green bottle was a clear plastic bag with a crystal-like substance later field tested positive for Methamphetamine.” the police report stated.

Matthew Welbourne was placed under arrest and read his Miranda Rights. Nathaniel Welbourne was also handcuffed and read his rights after a search of his personal belongings uncovered additional methamphetamine.

Both men are facing charges including possession of a schedule II substance, illegal carrying of weapons in the presence of a controlled dangerous substance, disturbing the peace, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Nathaniel Welbourne faces an additional charge of possession of a schedule III substance.

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