Robert Holloway: Pled guilty to conspiracy to distribute a Schedule II CDS. Property seized and forfeited. Posted $5,000 bond. Remand date set for August 24.

David Fontenot: Charged with two counts of theft of assets of an aged person or disabled person, theft of $500 or more, but less that $1,500, identity theft, and access device fraud. Bench warrant recalled.

Ricky McGraw: Charged with distribution of a Schedule I CDS. Sentenced to seven years of hard labor at the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Must be served consecutive to anything currently serving or will have to serve.

Anthony Elkins: Charged with domestic abuse battery (strangulation), four counts of resisting a police officer with force, and disturbing the peace intoxicated – pled guilty to resisting an officer with force, the rest of the charges were dismissed. Sentenced to one year, suspended. Three years active supervised probation or one year active supervised probation and two years unsupervised probation if fines are paid. Must pay $1,000 plus court costs or 60 days, and $2,000 restitiution. If all fines are paid within one year, probation will be changed to unsupervised probation.

Casey Wayne Rolen: Charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Sentenced to five years of hard labor, suspended; five years of active supervised probation. Must pay $1,000 plus court costs or 60 days in Webster Parish Jail, $37,000 restitution, $5,500 to the district attorney’s office within five years.

Cheryl Ann Holland: Charged with aggravated second degree battery and obstruction of justice by tampering with evidence. The aggravated second degree battery charged was amended to disturbing the peace. The obstruction of justice by tampering with evidence charge was dismissed. Sentenced to 10 days in Webster Parish Jail, with credit for time served.

Mattavious Wortham: Charged with distribution of a Schedule II CDS, resisting an officer with force or violence, second degree robbery, attempted armed robbery with the use of a firearm, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, attempted second degree murder, and racketeering. Status conference passed to July 29.