A buildings and maintenance committee for the Webster Parish School Board will meet at 4 p.m. Tuesday for an update on the construction of additional space at two schools.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Dan Rawls says Architect Perry Watson, of Yeager, Watson and Associates, will be on hand to update the committee on where things stand currently and a timeline going forward to project completion.

“He’s drawing plans and he’s working on it,” he said. “He gave them a timeline when they hired him to do it.”

In order to alleviate issues at J.E. Harper Elementary School, such as the lack of restroom space for the kindergarten and first grade students and the noise level in an open air classroom setting, a wing will be constructed at J.A. Phillips Middle School and one at Webster Junior High School.

The sixth grade students will be moved from Phillips to the new wing at WJHS, and the kindergarten and first grade students will move to Phillips, where Pre-K is also housed.

A wing and multipurpose room will be added at WJHS. At Phillips, along with the wing, renovations to accommodate the smaller children will be done as well. One of the things they will have to do is purchase new age-appropriate furniture as well as revamp the cafeteria and the restrooms.