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Webster Parish Sheriff, Minden Mayor assess damage from Saturday storms

by Will Phillips

Severe weather hit early Saturday morning, causing damage all over the south side of Webster Parish according to Webster Parish Sheriff Gary Sexton. “We’ve been extremely busy. The damage was widespread all the way across the parish. The storm hit a little after 1 a.m. The extent of the damage is mostly from Minden south,” said Sexton.

He also stated that the north end of the parish just saw mostly minor tree damage, but that was not the same case for the southern side. “We got major tree damage, subdivisions, numerous amounts of power lines down, structural damage from trailer homes to established residences, sheds, and barns. I wouldn’t even know how to put an estimate on how much,” said Sexton.

Most of our highways were closed. 

Minden itself scraped by with only some damage, but that isn’t to say there wasn’t any damage. 

“Our employees did an outstanding job. From our firefighters, to our police officers, line crews, street crews, power plant, and sewer treatment plant employees worked through the night keeping our citizens informed and safe. We are lucky to have dedicated employees with our city,” said mayor Terry Gardner, 

“Most of the damage is around the Doyline Sibley area. I guess one of the most tragic parts was Impressions Advertising burning up.” The mayor also stated that there was some damage to Babb Park, West Water Treatment Plants, some residential homes on Horton Street, and Love’s Truck Stop.

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