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What is the future of American sports?

by Minden Press-Herald

In the early 90s, my father turned me on to the Atlanta Braves as baseball was established as the sport of the Marshall household early on. 

We’re a sports family, but baseball was the big connector: my mother could keep a scorebook, my sister loved eating sunflower seeds and being in the sun, my brother and I both played and dad coached.

Some of my favorite memories are staying up past my bedtime, just me and dad, screaming and jumping as Sid Bream rounded third base or Tony “Tobasco” stepped to the plate.

We’d go to Rangers games for a glimpse at Steve Avery up close. I had all of the pitchers’ wind-ups down pat: I could mimic any pitcher in the Atlanta rotation and my brother or father could recognize it immediately.

As I’ve gotten older, I wonder: what sport matters most in America’s homes these days?

The NFL has more black quarterbacks than ever. Is that a sign that football is the universal sport in our country?

Basketball is all over the world and it’s easy to get into because of the pace. 

Soccer is growing in America the same way that basketball is in other countries. But, do we really think that “futbol” is going to catch up to the Big Three other sports any time soon?

Baseball endures. People complain. The games are long.

If game-length is the concern, might I direct you to the consistenly four-hour-plus football games on Saturday and Sunday?

“It’s boring.”

I’d counter: “It’s chill, relaxing.”

I’m no die-hard baseball fan. I don’t seek out watching the sport the way I do with my favorites (basketball and soccer). But, I do appreciate the value inherit in baseball.

My brother-in-law has become a baseball fan recently after getting hip to the sport through a video game (the same thing happened to me with soccer a few years ago).

He’s a parent. His enjoyment watching baseball games after work is easy to digest. It’s a sport the whole family can watch while chatting or changing diapers. It’s easy to get in and out. 

The slow, deliberate pace places an emphasis on the quality of the talent on display.

Mostly, it’s ours. Baseball will always be America’s pastime. In the summer, it doesn’t have much competition.

The baseball fields in Minden have kept my feelings for baseball afloat. I love Griffith Stadium with all my heart.

Football kicks off the school year and is exciting, but at times overwhelming for someone like me.

Basketball is and will always be my favorite sport.

Something about baseball will always keep bringing me back. 

Maybe it’s nostalgia. The memories I have that connected me to my dad when I was young. I hope other kids have that, no matter the sport.

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