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Who is ready for more money?

Dear Editor:

Here’s something to brighten up a dreary January: The IRS recently completed its new tax withholding tables to reflect recently passed tax cuts. Employees across the country will see bigger paychecks by February 15th at the latest as less money is taken out by the government in taxes. According to Yahoo Finance, a person earning $60,000 a year can expect to earn $112 more per month. If they have kids that number will be higher.

More money in people’s pockets will help pay for bills, which nearly half of Americans struggle with. It will cover the cost of a monthly smartphone plan. Who wouldn’t want that taken care of? Tell your significant other; tax cuts should also mean a nicer Valentine’s Day gift this year.

Lois Landgraf
Colo. State Representative
Fountain, Colo.

Honoring Dole was a good thing

Dear Editor,

Today, January 17, 2018 our government came together to award an American hero. This man was 94 year old Robert J. Dole. Robert Dole was severely wounded in combat while fighting in Italy during WWII.

After a long recuperation at a VA hospital called Percy Jones VA Hospital in Michigan he went on to serve his country and state of Kansas as a U.S. Representative. He later served in the U.S. Senate. All of this without the use of his right arm. All the important members of government were in attendance to include the leadership of the Democratic Party. This was a time of unity in both political parties.

Today they are all back in government with no coming together on the important things and deals that need their approval. These people are our representatives in government. There is strong talk of a government shutdown. I believe we should vote out the ones in both houses of government that let this closing happen.

I have had the honor of meeting one Medal of Honor recipient, a Vietnam hero just like our WWII hero Andy Murphy. My Vietnam hero was Lt. Joe Hooper; I met him here at Fort Polk. Lt. Hooper was wounded several times when he was a Sergeant. After every recovery, he went back in to the battle. Many have said he was the most devoted soldier in Vietnam. There were many highly dedicated soldiers in Vietnam.

It is my hope and prayer that our government will come together today, or at least tomorrow.

Jack L. Daniels,