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Why are we publishing so much from the session?

by David Specht

You may have noticed an up tick in our reporting from Baton Rouge. In fact, two of Thursday’s front page stories originated from our Capital City.

“Aren’t you the MINDEN Press-Herald?”

What is happening at the Capitol is local news. Items under consideration will have a direct impact on the lives of each of us.

Our state faces a monumental task of bridging a huge budget gap. Our elected officials need to know where we stand on the issues in order to make an informed decision.

With the help of the Manship School News Service, we are able to bring you the latest from the special session, each day.

We are blessed to have lawmakers representing our region that want input from constituents. It is our job to keep track of what’s happening and give them that input.

As things move forward, it is imperative that we take part in the process. And we hope this coverage will help you do that.

David Specht is editor and publisher of the Minden Press-Herald.

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