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Yocum Law Firm and Jordan Stone hold 318 Area-Wide Treasure Hunt for 3-1-8 Day

by Amber McDown

Yocum Law Firm and Jordan Stone recently declared a 318 Area-Wide Treasure Hunt in honor of the 318 area code, encompassing north Louisiana. The personal injury and family law firm celebrated “3-1-8 Day” on March 18 by concealing a green object shaped like the state of Louisiana somewhere within the 318 area. Clues were unveiled on social media each day from March 11 to March 18.

Jimbo Yocum, representing 318Lawyer.com, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Here at 318Lawyer.com, we’re your 318 Lawyers, and so we wanted to declare March 18th 318 Day and celebrate the entire north Louisiana area, and by doing so, have a big treasure hunt to get people out and about.”

The hunt’s clues were both challenging and engaging, such as “Within 2 miles of where the shot rang out from the little Fort, and took the Nation” and the final clue, “Keep it between the ditches, you want to knock them all down. You can’t do that here anymore, but you once could (within 50 paces).” These clues were crafted to test participants’ knowledge of the area’s history.

Jessica Gorman, executive director for the Dorcheat Museum, praised the game’s historical aspects. “It was good to see people take an interest in our local history,” Gorman commented.

The treasure hunt had two fortunate winners: Brian McLaughlin, the first finder, and Rodney Thornton. McLaughlin stumbled upon the prize accidentally while searching for a different clue. “There were not supposed to be two prizes, but the first one was found halfway by happenstance,” explained Jimbo Yocum.

Due to the high level of participation, the organizers decided to add a second prize of $3,180, which Rodney Thornton won, allowing the hunt to continue. Yocum stated, “Everybody was having so much fun that we decided to double down and do a second prize just to keep it going through the entire competition.”

The success of the 318 Area-Wide Treasure Hunt has led Yocum Law Firm and Jordan Stone to plan an annual event. “We’re going to make it an annual event. Every March 18th will be 3-1-8 Day sponsored by the 318 Lawyer. There will always be a $3,180 treasure to find the week of 3-1-8,” Yocum confirmed.

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