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Robin Tucker named Employee of the Month

by Amber McDown

During the May 2 meeting of the Webster Parish School Board, Robin Tucker, personnel director and SFS supervisor, was presented with the Employee of the Month award by Kevin Thompson of Taylor and Sons.

“This recognition celebrates the exemplary acts of those school employees that go above and beyond their duties to serve others, and I think that tonight’s person is an outstanding example of that,” said Kevin Thompson.

Ms. Tucker’s letter of recommendation read as follows:

“The main reason Robin Tucker needs to be awarded Employee of the Month is because there is no Employee of the Century award. She has not only had three of the most difficult and demanding in this district — Minden High School assistant principal, Minden High School principal, and personnel director for the parish —- but she has performed them with a full sense of equity for her employees and with amazing and enduring strength and a level of efficiency that should be a lesson to any employee of any title. She has been as faithful to this parish and to Minden High School as she has been to her own family. Many of the achievements of Minden High School and of the district are due to her sacrifices of time and work and even health. She has been there for so many of us personally as a leader, a mentor, and a friend. No email or phone call to Robin Tucker goes unanswered. No request of her knowledge or experience is denied. In a place of employment that desperately requires a sense of teamwork, Robin Tucker is captain, coach, cheerleader, and water girl. She performs all of this with grace. I can say many, many, many wonderful things about her, but the most important is that she is the type of leader who makes me proud to be in Webster Parish and proud to be at Minden High. When she retires, we will all need to remember everything she gave us, because what she is taking with her will be irreplaceable.”

Congratulations, Ms. Tucker, on a job well done!

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