Contracts for school resource officers in schools are currently under review.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Dan Rawls says the contracts have been sent to the Webster Parish School Board’s attorney Jon Guice and expects to have approval no later than the August 3 meeting.

“If the board approves the positions, we will do a budget revision and include them in the budget,” Rawls said. “The reason they weren’t in the initial budget is because they came in after the budget had already been constructed and was out for public review. We have a number of accounts that we have to do budget



  1. Lawd have mercy! When I was in school [I walked in the front door and snuck out the back] all that was needed to keep the peace was Possum Strong, Coach Hooth, and tough old teachers like the Boyette’s, Coach Stewart and Coach Carlisle. We didn’t need no paid Po-Po’s to keep the chirrens from misbehaving ’cause if you got in trouble at school you were just about 100% guaranteed a butt-whupping when you got home. Spare the road–spoil the child! See Libtards: the Good Book was right and education would be cheaper and more effective if those being educated were skeert of and respected them folks a-doin’ the educating!

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