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Athens woman gets 20 years for meth lab, burglary

by Minden Press-Herald



An Athens woman was sentenced to 20 years behind bars after entering a plea of guilty to creating a clandestine lab and simple burglary in district court Monday.

Kelly D. Ely, 39, of the 200 block of Faulk Road in Athens, entered her plea in front of 26th Judicial District Judge Mike Nerren.

She was sentenced to 10 years at hard labor with the Louisiana Department of Corrections, all but one year suspended. She will be under four years of active supervised probation and must pay $1,000 in fines plus court costs. Nerren recommended she attend substance abuse courses while incarcerated. She will receive credit for time served.
She was sentenced to 10 years at hard labor for simple burglary with the same conditions above. Fines are to be paid consecutively with costs to be paid concurrently.
Incarceration will run concurrent.

Ely was arrested in November 2015 for creating a clandestine lab by Dixie Inn Police when they were notified by a watchful citizen she’d stashed a bag underneath a vacant house. At the time of her arrest, Dixie Inn Police Chief James Edwards said she had no reason to be in the neighborhood and as the house was vacant, she had no reason to be there.

When they arrived and looked inside the bag, Edwards said they found what they believed to be the makings of all the materials to set up a meth lab.

Assistant District Attorney Hugo Holland says the burglary happened prior to her November arrest.

“She was arrested for a burglary with her boyfriend,” he said, “and after she bonded out on that, she was arrested for the clandestine lab and a few other drug charges.”

A review of her case has been set for December.

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