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Candidate Profiles: City Council District B

by Minden Press-Herald

This is the second in a series of articles profiling several local election candidates. We asked each candidate the same four questions.

District B

Jo Ann McWoodson

Why did you want to run?

Well, this is not my first run as city councilman, I ran before. When I returned home after being gone over 30 years, I’m a retired Air Force widower, I could see some of the things that needed to be done in Minden. I was concerned about Minden because growing up here, I tell people there used to be two movie theatres, a bowling alley, a skating rink. Minden had all of this and there is nothing here for the children and teenagers to do and the town seems like it has gone down.

People are not concerned with keeping up the property like it used to be with our parents. Even though they didn’t make the money like we make, they made sure their children went to school, bettered their education and could get the jobs that they could never have. Some of these children are living in parents’ homes but they don’t care, they don’t have the pride that some of our parents taught us.

Why should someone vote for you?

I feel that I have the experience of public relations, working with people, I’m always concerned about people. I’ve always been told of my personality, I don’t feel that I’m better than anybody else. I don’t even like to refer to having a college degree. That’s not what it’s all about.

What do you want voters to know about you?

I want them to know that I’m concerned about the city of Minden. I want it to go back to being, when I grew up, it was labelled as the Friendliest City in the South. This is what I want the slogan to come back to. This is what we should be about, helping each other and not against each other. It doesn’t matter about race, whether you’re caucasian or black, we are here to better our surroundings and our city and we can’t do it unless there is unity.

What are your goals?

Well, the first thing, if I’m elected, I want to address the high electrical bills here in Minden. When I lived in South Bossier, before I moved back home, my house was totally electric, air condition and heating unit ran 24/7, it didn’t even run over $150 a month. And I’m concerned about the infrastructure because the pipes and streets here in Minden. From where I live to get to work I’m only like two minutes from the school board office. From Sheppard Street to across East Union, it’s the worst part of the street, but when you get up to the funeral home, the state overlayed that road. Is it because it’s in the black section of town? That’s what bothers me. You go south of the Homer Road and that’s where all of the high utility bills are and that’s where the bad streets are.

When I first moved back here, I’ve been back here 10 years, and one of my classmates rode me around. When I mention, about my neighbors wanting to me to run. That’s the only reason I decided to run, my neighbors were concerned about how things were done here. I would call. I would send the mayor faxes and we would talk. He even came through to see what I would be talking about. A lot of things I got done. I would call the city maintenance department. They would come sweep our streets once a month. We were not getting the things on this side of town that they were doing uptown.

I feel that if my taxpayer dollar is green like the other side of the Homer Road and I feel we should get some of the same commitment on this side in District B that’s being down in the other areas, in E and F.

Terika “Reek” Williams

Why did you want to run?

Because we needed change. We needed a change for District B. We haven’t seen much change over the last few years, so we needed a change and a new voice, someone speaking up for District B. I’m running because I want to bring fresh ideas and positive solutions to the challenges our community face.

Why should someone vote for you?

I believe in transparency and an open door policy. I have the communication skills and experience that it’s going to take to see a change in District B. Also, I will stand up for them and voice their concerns.

What do you want voters to know about you?

I am genuinely concerned about my community and my city. I have been a resident for over 30 years. I have great people skills and I’m visible in the community. I have to be the change that I want to see.

What are your goals?

Economic Development. Increasing economic development but maintaining the same quality of life that we have here in Minden. Also, provide more activities for the youth. I want to bring fresh ideas and positive solutions to the challenges our community faces.

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