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Candidates for Webster Parish elections

by Minden Press-Herald

The deadline for submitting names to appear on ballots for this year’s election has passed. The following are the candidates who are running for election in Webster Parish.

Chief of Police Cotton Valley:

[I] Donald Dillard Jr.

[D] Sante Douglas Jr.

Mayor of Dixie Inn:

[R] Donna Hoffoss (unopposed)

Alderman Dixie Inn:

[R] Anthony Crittenden

[R] “Nell” Finlay

Mayor of Doyline:

[N/P] Gary T. Carter

[N/P] Crystal “Christie” Gates

Alderman Doyline: (3 to be elected)

[N/P] Steven Bridwell (unopposed)

[R] Jakie “Bubba” Daniels (unopposed)

[N/P] Rachael Stanley Muniz (unopposed)

Chief of Police Doyline:

[I] Robert Hayden Jr. (unopposed)

Mayor of Heflin:

[R] Ralph James (unopposed)

Chief of Police Heflin:

[R] Paul B. Migues (unopposed)

Alderman Heflin: (3 to be elected)

[R] Matthew Austin (unopposed)

[R] Hallie Demoss (unopposed)

[R] Robert Stachowicz (unopposed)

Mayor of Minden:

[N/P] Nick Cox 

[R] Billy Mills

[D] Terika Williams-Walker

Chief of Police Minden:

[N/P] Jared McIver

[N/P] Larry Morris Jr.

City Council Minden:

District A 

[D] Wayne Edwards

[R] Darrell Morris

[I] Carlton Myles

District B:

[R] Joey Frye

[N/P] Damien Kemp

[D] Levon Thomas

District C: 

[D] Vincen Bradford

[D] Maretta Gage

[D] Javelin Hardy

[D] Latasha Mitchell

District D: 

[R] Habacu Morales

[I] Michael Roy

[D] LaKeyla Williams

District E: 

[R] Thomas Adams Jr. 

[I] Michael Fluhr

[N/P] Andy Pendergrass

Mayor Springhill:

[D] Courtney Allen

[I] “Ronnie” Hearnsberger

[N/P] Ray Huddleston

Chief of Police Springhill:

[I] “Will” Lynd (unopposed)

Alderman Springhill:

District 1:

[D] D. Nicole Frazier

[I] Danyell Gipson

District 2:

[N/P] “Johnny” Craig

[D] Dennis Smith

District 3:

[I] Patsy Leonard

[N/P] Debra Rester

[N/P] Stacey Willard

District 4:

[R] “Alex” Edwards

[R] “Mike” Whitlock

District 5:

[R] Derek Melancon

[N/P] Brandy White

Webster Parish School Board: 

District 1:

[R] Margaret Edens (unopposed)

District 2:

[D] Terrell Mendenhall

[D] Debbie W. Thomas

District 3:

[I] Charles Strong (unopposed)

District 4:

[R] Jonathan “Goose” Guthrie

[N/P] Jeri “JJ” O’Neal

District 5:

[R] Ronald Rhymes (unopposed)

District 6:

[R] Fred Evans

[R] Jana Watson

District 7:

[D] Linda Kinsey (unopposed)

District 8:

[N/P] Glenda Sherrill Broughton

[D] Phillip Michael Smart

District 9:

no candidates

District 10:

[D] “Johnnye” Kennon (unopposed)

District 11:

[I] Jerry Lott (unopposed)

District 12:

[R] Susan Addington (unopposed)

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