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Candidates stump in Minden

Will Phillips

Minden Press-Herald

Two political candidates, including a sitting congressman made a stop in Minden Monday. Robert Mills, who is running for a seat in the Louisiana Senate and Dr. Ralph Abraham, who is running for Louisiana Governor, came to visit the community of Minden and used the opportunity to share their views and ideals with the citizens of Minden. Abraham currently represents Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District. Also present was 4th District Congressman Mike Johnson.

These men were invited to come to Minden by City Councilman Pam Bloxom. “This afternoon was a big success in the fact that we had two sitting congressmen from Washington DC here to visit with the folks in Minden,” Bloxom said. “Not only that, we had Robert Mills who is running for Senate seat 36. With these men serving us, I only see great things happening for Louisiana.” 

The candidates touched on a myriad of topics during their speeches, but their focus and reason for seeking their particular offices are primarily for economic development in Louisiana. In a brief that was sent to the Minden Press-Herald by the Abraham Campaign, he is running for office, “At a time when our nation is moving forward, Louisiana keeps falling behind. Louisiana ranks as the worst state in the nation to find a job. Our workers and businesses are fleeing the state. By lowering taxes, attracting jobs, and fighting for middle‐class priorities, Louisiana will become a place where families come to grow and prosper. That is Dr. Abraham’s top priority.”

When asked about if he had anything to say to the City of Minden and Webster Parish as a whole Mills said, “I feel very much a home in Webster parish, and I’m looking forward to representing the Webster Parish people all the way from the Arkansas state line down to the Red River Parish line. That’s my goal, to make the changes that are required to get Louisiana back on track.” 

Before the event came to a close, Abraham said, “What I’m gonna do is bring back jobs, put education high on the priority list, and we’re gonna make Louisiana win again.”