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Civitan Clergy Banquet

Each year the Minden Civitan Club honors the area clergy by providing a catered meal, entertainment, and recognition of each clergy and their church. This is a Civitan International event carried on by most Civitan clubs in the United States. The theme of the event is to honor four clergy who gave their life jackets to servicemen aboard a sinking ship in the Atlantic Ocean. They gave up their lives so that others could live. Civitan President Brad Havard expressed welcome to everyone and called the 60th Annual Clergy Banquet to order. 

Entertainment this year was provided by The King’s Servants from Eastside Baptist Church. The catered meal was provided by Hugh Wood. The following guest attended the banquet: David Dietzel, Philip Matherne, Michelle Willis, Donald & Delaine Pharr, Chet & Lindsey Johnson, Carol Michael, Todd & Jody Hennigan, Leon & Marilyn Boggs, Cameron & Lexi Hayes, Colton & Meaghan Kelly, and Bill & Sondra Grider.