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Consignment shop new concept for outdoor gear

by Minden Press-Herald

Roy Stapp is an energetic businessman in the north Louisiana area. He has been successful in a variety of ventures but the one upon which he is currently embarking has him more than excited. August 1 was opening day of his Sportsman’s Paradise Consignment Shop.

“I have a friend in Columbia, SC who opened a similar business there a couple of years ago and he has been stunned at the response of outdoors-minded folks in that community. He realized there were lots of sportsmen who needed a place to sell outdoor gear they no longer wanted or needed and has been overwhelmed with the response. I firmly believe that with all the hunters and anglers in this area, the same concept would work right here in our part of the country,” Stapp said.

The doors of Sportsman’s Paradise Consignment opened Saturday August 1 and even with very little publicity initially, scores of people visited the store last Saturday looking for gear to buy.

“We didn’t have anything for them to purchase on the day we opened but this reinforced my conviction that once we have it for sale, people will come in to make purchases that will save them money. What we need right now is for people to bring us materials that we can sell for them,” Stapp added.

The outdoor gear consignment idea differs from other such outlets like thrift stores, pawn shops or on-line sales outlets such as E-Bay.

“Thrift store sell lots of supplies but they’re in operation by way of citizens donating items for the purpose of raising funds for charitable organizations. At our store, “Stapp said, “someone wishing to bring us their gear to sell will be making money they can pocket rather than simply donating it.”

When you think of what can be brought to the store and placed on consignment, the possibilities are endless.

“A hunter or fishermen needing to upgrade his hunting or fishing gear can bring what they have here for us to sell for them and use the money they make to purchase new gear. Think of what you have in your closet of garage you no longer need; hunting clothing you outgrew, things like tents, canteens, knives, Boy Scout and Cub Scout uniforms, rods and reels – the possibilities are endless.

“We’re in the process of obtaining our Federal Firearms License (FFL) and once we’ve been approved, we can take guns on consignment. Also,” Stapp continued, “we’re looking for high-end gear. We don’t want things purchased at discount outlets but are interested in brand names like Scent Loc, Mossy Oak, Under Armor, Columbia and in the fishing department, brand named reels such as Abu Garcia and Shimano. We want whoever purchases the gear you consign to us to be pleased knowing they’ve bought a top quality product.”

Sportsman’s Paradise Consignment is conveniently located at 4707 Cypress St. in W. Monroe and is located halfway between Well Road and Downing Pines exits off I-20. The building is newly renovated, is spacious and air conditioned with highly visible signs out front making the building easy to locate. Phone number is 318/389-1001.

“One other thing we’ll be doing is in case folks have gear they wish to consign with proceeds going to a charitable organization such as their church, we’ll be able to make the check out to whomever they choose,” Stapp said.

“I am convicted that people want to have a place to sell their outdoor equipment and clothing they no longer need and,” said Stapp, “we feel we can offer them that.”

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