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Councilman Bloxom’s response to recent social media backlash

File Photo | Minden City Hall

Councilman Pam Bloxom of Dist. E stirred up quite a social media storm on Monday after making a post on Facebook that led to accusations of racism being brought against her along with the creation of an online petition to remove her from her Council Seat.

The post from Bloxom is a question that reads, “Do you realize African Americans in this country are a mere 15% of the total population?”

The open-endedness of the question left many commenters to speculate as to the insinuation behind the question, and to date Pam Bloxom has not made another post on social media in response.

The blowback from the post has resulted in a petition being made in an attempt to remove Pam Bloxom from her seat on the City Council, which at the time of writing is sitting at 700/1000 signatures. 

While it may serve as a gauge to measure the community’s displeasure over the comment, the petition isn’t in the proper formatting in order to recall an elected official. Just to note one example, the signatures all need to be handwritten. More information on the topic can be found here.

When asked for comment, Bloxom’s response was, “For the past two weeks the entire national and local media has focused on George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement.

My point is there is another 85% of the country that does not condone Mr. Floyd’s killing.

That 85% has not been reported on for any reason. Don’t they get a voice?”

“Others want to put words in my mouth with their postings. There was no underlying message, I just ask why the media hasn’t said the majority of Americans hate how Mr. Floyd died.”