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Damien Kemp for Minden City Council District B

by Minden Press-Herald

– Fair – Honest – Open To Ideas

– Accessible To You –

Minden needs leadership that can effectively manage growth. My entire professional life as a researcher has been about listening to those who are affected by change and growth, then partnering with them to implement the best solutions. 

Our community wants to keep and improve the safety of our streets, parks, and neighborhoods.I will work with law enforcement to reduce crime. We want to strengthen stability and give our citizens the opportunity to contribute to Minden success – that objective defines my life’s work.

We want to ensure Minden economic success and financial stability as a small business owner working with community organizations, I understand the return on investment that can be achieved if the community is involved.

Minden faces many challenges but also is an amazing community with diverse commerce and engaged citizens. I want to use the skills I learned academically and professionally to keep Minden a thriving community. I’m dedicated to listening to people to address the issues behind community concerns. This approach distinguishes my work and is what is needed on city council.For questions, concerns, yard signs or more information, please feel free to contact Kemp at [email protected] or TeL. 318-754-7841.

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