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District annual tree sale is Jan. 27

The Dorcheat Soil and Water Conservation District will hold their annual tree sale on Saturday, Jan. 27, 8 from 7:30 a.m. until noon. The Dorcheat SWCD Office is located at 216 B Broadway, Minden.

This will be a one day only sale and will be first come, first serve.

Offered for sale are:

Baldcypress, red maple, river birch, sawtooth oak, chinquapin, tulip tree, white dogwood, weeping willow, mayhaw, cherrybark oak, persimmon, cow oak, black walnut and native sweet pecan for $2.00 each.

Japanese snowball, double red althea, double white althea, double pink althea, double violet althea, white butterfly bush, and lavender butterfly bush, and Grancy Graybeard (fringetree) for $3.00 each.

Muscadine grape and peppermint crape myrtle for $5.00 each.

Premier blueberry and powder blue blueberry for $7.00 each.

Red Delicious apple, Granny Smith apple, Burbank plum, Santa Rosa plum, Early Elberta peach, Red Skin peach, Bartlett pear and Moonglow pear for $10.00 each.

These are bare root seedlings and are not sold in pots.

For more information, contact the Dorcheat SWCD @ 318.377.3950 ext. 3.