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Dorcheat Museum Needs Your Support

by Minden Press-Herald

Dear Supporters of the Dorcheat Historical Museum,

The holiday season is approaching and with that comes a feeling of excitement! Here at the museum we have so much to be excited about. This year we came out of our Covid hibernation period and had our “TIE ONE ON” apron exhibit, book and fundraiser gala. It was a wonderful evening filled with a “standing room only” crowd of friends, patrons, new faces and cakes, raising over $25K.  Our bank account looks so much better than it did a year ago; however, just like other businesses, we face the challenge of increased operating costs, so we are asking for your continued support.

After many years of service to the museum as Board President, Louise Baird Snook stepped down from her position and Mike Harper stepped up to serve as President, along with several new board members. It was my pleasure to officially introduce Jessica Stewart Gorman as my successor as executive director on June 22, 2023. Many were already aware of all Jessica is doing for Webster Parish. We now have a Dorcheat Museum Channel on YouTube, where you can watch all our previous speakers on your various devices. Her passion for history has now expanded to a weekly column, “Historically Speaking,” in the online Webster Parish Journal, sharing long-forgotten stories of Webster Parish.  We also collaborated with Brookshire’s local grocery to display historic area pictures highlighting Webster-Minden history. Check these pictures out along the top of the walls all around the store.

With our new Board in place, we want to address the financial strategy necessary to start on our annex next door. It will take a significant influx of contributions to accomplish this, to include new exhibits, bathrooms, and office space. Jessica and I both have the same vision for the stories that need to be told. Each community in Webster parish has so much to share and this will be our way to let each one of those communities shine. It will also be our chance to honor our History Keepers, those rare individuals that spend or spent a good part of their lives making sure our history is not forgotten. The following are just a few that come to mind: John Agan, Juanita Agan, Thad Andress, Mrs. Thomas Campbell, Richard Carey, Frank Griffith, Christine Hunt, Ben Hunter, Dr. Luther Longino, R. O. Machen, Charlotte Martin, Carter Norman, Dr. Roy Phillips, Beth White and Marcus Wren. I would like to include Jessica and myself in that group, also. Without all of us, much of our history would be gone forever.  

We now have our own website, www.dorcheatmuseum.com, where we can take credit cards for purchases, as well as financial donations. The website is a nice overview of what we are all about and our progress, including a sample of our books and an easy-click button to take you to our YouTube channel. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Minden/Webster Parish is ever-changing, but with your help we will keep some of the past preserved. Our rich history seems to fade more quickly than ever these days. History is not there for us to change; it is there for us to learn from. I hope that you will continue to help us keep Webster Parish history alive for future generations.  Your financial support makes a difference to the museum and is always appreciated; remember we are a 501 C3 nonprofit organization.

You can now donate online with our new website www.dorcheatmuseum.com for your convenience. 


Schelley Brown Francis, Dorcheat Museum Director         

Jessica Stewart Gorman, Assistant Director

Mike Harper, Dorcheat Museum Board President

We are a 501 C3 nonprofit. Donations can be mailed to

Dorcheat Historical Museum

P.O. Box 1094

Minden, LA 71058

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