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Dreams and schemes and books for filling these

Contributed by Columnist Fannie Moore

Last week, a friend posted on Facebook, seeking recommendations for a cabin located by a stream or lake, that was more or less secluded, private-like with no close neighbors.

Wow, did that ever stir up my longing to “get away”! I wanted to say “I want to go with you” but instead just asked her to share the information if she found what she was looking for. Does that ever sound relaxing?

Probably there is no more relaxing scene and sound, than sitting and watching a stream flowing over rocky stream beds. I could just picture sitting on the porch of a small cabin in the woods watching the water flow with sounds of the forest all around. With this ideal picture floating around in my mind, I began to think about possible locations that were not too far from home, but ones that would offer a respite from the confinement we have felt for the past several months.

But, then recalling the reason we have been more or less in lockdown, I began to question the feasibility of such a get away at this time.

Were the cabins disinfected after each use? Were we likely to encounter carriers of the Covid 19?

Then I began to hear of friends and acquaintances who had contracted the disease while remaining in familiar surroundings. Some of these were even hospitalized. Then the dream of the secluded cabin began to fade.

People all around were going about their business as usual, mask less, and I had begun to think I was being paranoid. But now, I have changed my mind again, so the cabin in the woods will have to be put on hold.

I might just have to begin reading again, and read about my dream of a cabin getaway.

I have been here without a new book to read for too many weeks so it seems as if I might have to visit Amazon again and add to my collection. I was hesitating, thinking I would soon be able to visit the library again, but, in reality, I’m still too much of a coward.

One day, after lunch, I looked through some books I had, trying to find one I had possibly missed. I located one that didn’t look familiar, so I pulled it out and began reading it as I rested. I completed the first chapter before realizing I had read it before, so back it went to the stack.

Friends often share on Facebook titles they have read and enjoyed. I rarely have any of those, so it is time to let go and order books. I don’t have a Kindle, for downloading books, as I had much rather have the feel of the book in my hands. I enjoy turning the pages and

anticipating what I will find there. One of these books that was recommended was “Where the Crawdads Sing” .This was one of my favorites of books read recently. I will have to start scanning Facebook posts for more recommendations, so if anyone has favorites, please share.

Many of you know, as you have followed my columns for some time, that when I get really desperate for something to read, I go to my all time favorite, “Blue Highways”, by Least Heat Moon. It seems as if I am just about to that point again.

The author of this book outfits a van for travel, and drives coast to coast, along the “blue highways”; the smaller highways found in blue on all maps and atlases. He relates his experiences along the way and shares many of the colorful characters he meets up with. One can quickly lose himself as he travels along with the author across America and back.

I have people tell me “I don’t like to read”. I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying a good book. But, to each his own. There isn’t much  I enjoy more than a good book.

So, wish me luck as I pursue the next great read.