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Engineering Week begins at Webster Parish Libraries’ Discovery Camp

by Amber McDown

June 24 marks the beginning of the third week of Discovery Camp at Webster Parish Libraries. This is Engineering Week, featuring a variety of fun, educational activities across different branches.

The week kicks off on Monday with a performance by Lady Chops at the Minden main branch at 10 AM and another at the Doyline branch at 3 PM. Lady Chops offers an interactive, family-friendly musical performance enjoyable for both children and adults.

The Heflin branch will host “Building with Beans” at 3:30 PM, providing a creative way for participants to explore engineering principles and structural stability by constructing structures using jellybeans.

The Springhill branch will feature “Paper Airplane Building & Flying” at 4 PM, where attendees can craft paper airplanes from various types of paper and add items to see how far they will fly.

On Tuesday, Lady Chops will perform at the Springhill branch at 10 AM. The Minden main branch will hold “High Flying Airplanes” at 10 AM, challenging participants to construct straw and paper airplanes. In the afternoon, the branch will host the “Egg-Cellent Engineering” Egg Drop Challenge at 4 PM, where attendees will design contraptions to protect an egg from a fall.

Wednesday’s activities include a movie day at the Springhill branch with “Under the Stars.” The Heflin branch will hold “Build a Plane” at 3:30 PM, where participants will explore aerodynamics and engineering by designing their own airplanes with simple materials. The Cotton Valley branch will feature “Bridge Building” at 4 PM, challenging attendees to construct a weight-bearing paper bridge.

On Thursday, the Minden main branch will host “Bridge Breakers” at 10 AM, where participants can test the strength of their gumball and toothpick bridges. The Doyline branch will host “Build with Beans” at 2 PM, the Sibley branch will feature “Engineering Bean Towers” at 3 PM, and the Springhill branch will hold an Egg Drop Challenge at 2 PM.

The week concludes with “Let’s Make Bubbles” at the Springhill branch at 2 PM. Participants will make their own bubble solutions and test them outside for a fun-filled afternoon.

There are always exciting activities at your local library. The final week of Discovery Camp, Mathematics Week, starts July 1.

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