Home News Explosion at Aeropres in Cotton Valley leaves three injured

Explosion at Aeropres in Cotton Valley leaves three injured

An explosion took place at Aeropres in Cotton Valley that resulted in serious injuries being sustained by three individuals, Reagan Hardaway of Shongaloo and Chancey Hawk & Daniel Payne of Minden. 

“It’s a horrible horrible deal. Three individuals that were involved sustained serious injuries. We’re putting them and their families up in our prayers,” said Webster Parish Sheriff Jason Parker. 

Daniel Payne was reported as having been severely injured with 45% of body burned. It was also reported that he was awake, alert, and talking.

Hardaway and Hawk were both reported as being in critical condition, and were airlifted to LSU from the scene of the incident. 

“The Aeropres location is a propane filling station, and they were attempting to be filling up a tanker truck.  The truck and trailer never caught fire, but something on the back end of it did. The cause of the fire will come as the result of the investigation being conducted by Louisiana State Police,” said Parker.

“The gas got shut down quickly by a witness. The Cotton Valley Fire Department and Webster Parish Sheriff’s Deputy quickly arrived on scene. It was a group effort getting the situation under control.”

Other than explaining the hard facts of the case, Parker also took some time to express empathy towards the victims, their families, and the first responders who were first to arrive on scene. 

“It truly is a horrible incident. Lot’s of families effected. Deputies that arrived on scene saw the individuals in the conditions they were in. This was hard of them as well, some of them knew the individuals affected, but that’s just part of the job,” said Parker. 

“You never know from day to day, when you go into work, what that day will bring. We need remember to count our blessings each and every day.”

More updates will be made to this story as more information is released.