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Fannie Moore: Resolutions or Goals?

The New Year is upon us and we greeted it with either enthusiasm or indifference. With lofty resolutions or achievable goals. I have learned in the past that goals are more easily achieved and maintained than the seemingly impossible resolutions.

     In the past, I have resolved to lose weight, and sometimes I could and sometimes I couldn’t.  Also, to get organized so I could locate items that often seemed lost.  Still very unorganized, especially my office and my closets. So, I’m going for a simpler goal this year.

     This year I plan to get back to my reading. In 2021, I read 88 books. Last year, I finished a measly 32.

     After my accident in May I could not seem to focus on anything and I neglected so much. My columns in the Press-Herald, my visits to the library, my church and Sunday School attendance and others. At this time, the health problems aren’t solved but I’m hoping for a solution in the near future, therefore I am trying to get back in a routine.

     I’m planning to start easily by simply reading more. I am doing this by reading books by Pierre Fontenot. His third book, which I purchased along with Vol.II of his Bedtime Stories, is titled LAURA, and is the story of the devastation of Lake Charles Charles by the Hurricane Laura. Colored photos are included as well as black and white ones, It is an interesting compilation of the events and the helpful hands that came in to offer aid to those suffering loss.

     Pierre, called Uncle P, in his first two volumes, offers musings on a variety of topics. They are easy to read but very thought-provoking. I would recommend these to any one,

     When I catch up with these books on hand, I plan to get back in my routine of visiting the library, Prior to last year’s events, I visited the library about once a week. So this is in my plans for the new year.

     I assume you all had a pleasant Christmas and New Year’s Day.

     Christmas at our house was a few days late, as we planned it so all of our grandchildren could be present. It was a grand gathering with four grands and spouses and eleven of twelve of our great grandchildren. The one missing had visited a few days earlier, but we still missed her in the happy chaotic gathering,

     Then, New Year’s Day was just the two of us and our children enjoying the turnip greens and black-eyed peas. (One doesn’t like cabbage, thus the turnip greens.) 

     I hope you all enjoyed the traditional foods and will, therefore, have a prosperous New Year.