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Fannie Moore: Things are starting to get back to normal

by Minden Press-Herald

 This morning I stirred up a Coconut (Impossible Pie) and placed it in the oven for a first in a long time. Along with the pie, I just reheated a leftover casserole and that was our lunch.

I am just getting back to trying to cook for us and take care of things after my hospital stay. This pie is one of my favorites and if you like coconut you might like to try it. It is so easy and very good.

I have so much to catch up with. Bills to pay, usual household expenses in addition to doctor and hospital bills, check books to update, insurance (2 kinds) to catch up on, letters to write and on top of that, I desperately need a haircut.

I am trying to get back to normal (if there is such a thing as normal) so we can get back to church. We have not been in such a long time and listening on Facebook or television is just not the same. 

New members have come in and we have not met them. 

I miss the days when we were very active and knew everyone. I’m aware, though, those days are gone and I’m sure if we walked in today, there would be heads turned and people asking, “Who is that?”

When the storms came through recently, a tornado hit the Lake Erling area and in the process, demolished our grandson’s lake cabin where they have been living for a while. Thank the Lord, though, they all got out safely. The youngest got caught under a dropped ceiling when trees hit the top. His daddy got him out and took him to ER to be checked out. No major injuries. They just knew the Lord was with them that night.

That same weekend, apparently lightning hit our house (somewhere and somehow) and shattered our shower door. The carpenter who came and replaced it for us, said he had never seen anything like it.  He  wasn’t sure how it happened. We were in the kitchen and it sounded like a great explosion. When we found what it was, shattered glass was all over the shower floor and the bathroom floor. Took a while to get it all cleaned up.

    I’m sure we’re not the only ones experiencing such exciting eays. Let’s just keep praying  and be prepared to help each other along the way.

Wishing you good days ahead.

Fannie Moore lives in Shongaloo.

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