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Food labeling restrictions win Louisiana Senate support

by Associated Press

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Food manufacturers selling products such as “cauliflower rice” could face new labeling restrictions in Louisiana, under a bill in the Legislature.

The Senate voted 34-0 Monday for a “truth in labeling” measure that adds protections for meat, rice and sugar producers.

Sen. Francis Thompson, a Delhi Democrat, says he wants to ensure consumers know what they’re buying.

His proposal is similar to legislation signed in Arkansas. It would ban companies from classifying lab-grown meat products or meat substitutes as meat, or they’d face fines. They would be unable to call something sugar if it doesn’t come from a plant-based simple sugar or sucrose.

The Plant Based Foods Association says the restrictions are unnecessary and products already are clearly labeled.

The House next debates Thompson’s bill.


Senate Bill 152:

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