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FOSTER CAMPBELL: Helping Louisiana is More Important than Loyalty to Party

by Minden Press-Herald

This week, Congress voted to keep the government running through the end of next year.  The legislation included $28 billion in emergency relief for Louisiana and other states hit hard by natural disasters.

In the past year alone, Louisiana has suffered four named hurricanes.  Ida and Laura were among the worst in U.S. history.

At the Louisiana Public Service Commission this week, we voted unanimously to ask for federal help for storm recovery.  Without it, utilities will demand steep rate increases to pay for restoring service.  American taxpayers can help struggling Louisiana residents just as they help Californians survive horrible fires and residents of the Northeast rebuild from terrible floods.

Foster Campbell

Unfortunately, different priorities exist for the Louisiana Republicans in the U.S. House.  Following orders from party leaders, all five voted “no” to the disaster relief.  Incredibly, many of their constituents in Ida’s path still suffer in uninhabitable homes without electricity and running water.

As members of the U.S. House, these Louisiana Republicans earn $180,000 a year.  In 2022 they will ask their constituents to give them another term.  As they say what they have accomplished for Louisiana, and brag about their independence, will they admit that they voted with their party bosses and against disaster relief for the people?

It’s no wonder people hate politics.  These five turned their backs on their state during a time of great need.  When the power and water are off and the house is in ruins, the last thing people want to hear about is party loyalty.

Public Service Commissioner 
Elm Grove

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