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Fowl play

Operations under way to rescue goose shot by dart

A Canadian goose was discovered with a hunting blow dart lodged in its face at Turner’s Pond in Minden over the weekend.

Tommy Cheatham, owner of BELLY-UP BUGS, has been working to rescue the goose by trapping it and delivering it to a rehabilitation center in Shreveport that has volunteered to surgically remove the dart.

Cheatham volunteered to trap the wounded bird after obtaining permission from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. He said due to the goose’s condition, it may take a few days to trap it without causing further damage.

“I’m going to be feeding the flock corn for a few days before setting live traps,” he said. “People just need to leave the bird alone and don’t chase it or try to help. It’s very sick and will be super stressed out.”

Despite the challenges the situation presents, Cheatham is confident the rescue job can be done.

“We are on the case and will have her trapped over the next few days,” he said. “We are donating our time just to help the animal and help ease everyone’s mind about it.”